Some of my works are available as signed, Limited Edition fine prints made with the best technical reproduction means nowadays, know as giclée.

The pigmentes Ultrachrome inks  used along the fine, acid free, alkaline buffered papers as the textured Hahnemühle Willian Turner 310 gm2, provide an archival quality and life that will surely surpass the owner´s one

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Sizes below apply to original size of paintings

PRINTS: only on paper.

Diferentent sizes available on request.

Ref. 1188 Portloe. 54x65cm, 2006

Ref. 591. Sailing boats. 70x150cm

Ref. 1049. St. Ives Cornwall. 89x116,2004

Ref. 856. Lowtide St Yves. 89x116, 2004

Ref. 1536 St Mary´s Scilly. 60x73, 2007

Ref: 1040. Tolcarne Beach. Newquay. 80x114, 2004

Ref. 1933. Morning summer light. 29x60cm, 2011

Ref. 1935. Calm on the water. 29x60cmm 2011 

Ref. Relaxing moment. Helford. 29x60cm, 2011

Ref. 1923. Twilight. 73x92cm, 2011 

Ref: 1881. Helford River. 89x116cm, 2011

 Ref. 1762. Mistery 33x41cm, 2009

Ref. 1810 Mediterranean light. 33x41cm, 2009

Ref. 1811 Summer Light. 33x41cm, 2009

Ref. 1925. Boats I. 81x100cm,2011

Ref 1924. Boats II. 81x100cm, 2011

Ref. 1330. Venice mask I. 65x81cm, 2006

Ref. 1917. Venice Mask II. 65x81cm, 2006 

Ref. 1719. Venice Mask III.65x81cm,2009   

Ref. 1339. Venice canal. 89x116cm, 2006

Ref.1340. Venice Canal, 89x116cm, 2006

Ref. 1349, Venice Canal, 73x 92cm, 2006

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